Sunday, October 18, 2009

My new view and getting back into the studio!

"The most difficult stage is getting started." George Kubac

This is so true....especially after a move, one is tired and there is still so much to be done....boxes still to be unpacked....yard to be put to rest for winter.....the list goes on....not to mention all the other distractions that take place each day.

I have been unpacking and trying to set up my new-studio space. While I should have more space in this room in which to seems to have become a spot to store things we don't know where else to place as yet. So although it looks cluttered...I have cleared an area around my desk in which to work. At some point I will make the cosmetic changes to the room that will make it mine...wall color etc. My immediate concern is to get back to painting.....the rest will come....

I have managed to get all my "works in progress" unpacked, along with brushes, paints & my immediate supplies. I'm finding it hard to dive-in and continue on my current works after a few weeks absence, so instead, I am starting some "new" small pieces. These pieces are helping me to warm up... if I like the way they turn out ...great! If not... I can always use the other side as my scrap paper for testing my colors before I put them to paper.

I am going to enjoy the natural light and the view!

Works in progress....

My warm up....not even going to explain.....

And one more distraction......the view from my deck!

And on that's time for a short walk....
till next time,
Laura Leeder email:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where has August & September gone?

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and never wakens." -Duke Leo Atrides

What a busy summer it has been! We put our property up for sale in June and it has been super busy ever since.....
Goodbye old home.....we wish you well!

After a hectic few weeks of packing....we have finally moved into our new home....boxes are being unpacked....and we are slowly settling in.
Studio is almost set-up....heading to the states for a few days rest with my husband. Will be in my new studio painting early next week.
"There is no state of final fulfillment. Each change opens new doors and ushers in new possibilities." Margo Adair
Until then.........
Laura Leeder
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